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Every year in the UK over 20,000 people receive medical treatment for injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Every week 10 people are killed riding motor bikes and over 100 people suffer very serious injuries. The majority of these injuries are caused by the negligence of someone other than the bike rider and a motorcycle accident solicitor can claim compensation for pain and suffering, losses and expenses.

Common Motorcycle Accidents

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents that result in solicitors compensation claims are :-

  • collisions with other vehicles
  • falls when trying to avoid a collision with another vehicle
  • falls as a result of defective road surfaces
    • potholes in the road surface
    • protrusions from the road surface
    • badly carried out road repairs
    • spills and debris on the road

Highway Authority Claims

A motorcycle accident solicitor can make a compensation claim against a Local Authority or the Highway Authority if the cause of the accident is as a result of road disrepair. The authorities are obliged to keep the condition of roads and pavements up to a reasonable standard by way of a regular inspection regime and a subsequent program of repairs and if they fail to do so and injury occurs then they can be held liable to pay damages. Even relatively small potholes, tarmac defects or excess gravel can lead to a successful claim.

Motorcycle Accident Solicitors

Road traffic accidents are often complex legal matters especially if both sides blame each other and it is important that you are represented by a specialist lawyer. Our motorcycle accident solicitors are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts and their case load consists entirely of road traffic accident claims. They deal with personal injury compensation claims using the no win no fee scheme. No legal charge is payable unless the legal case is won and the client obtains an award of compensation. In the event that the legal claim is lost there is no charge made to the client. If you would like advice at no cost from accredited experts just use the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices and a specialist personal injury solicitor will telephone you with no further obligation.

Compensation Awards

Motorcycle accident solicitors can make claims for the following items :-

  • loss of past and future income
  • motorcycle and property damage
  • vehicle hire
  • medical expenses for the past and for the future
  • assistance for the future
  • pain and suffering (including psychological damage)
  • loss of amenities of life
  • prescriptions
  • insurance excess
  • reduced employment prospects in the future
  • expenses in relation to the claim

SOLICITORS HELPLINE: ☎ 0844 332 0553


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